Welcome To Ayurbella

Our studio holds community gatherings and sacred practices of healing traditions guided by local and nationally acclaimed healers.

Ayurbella Is A Rare Gem!

“Ayurbella is a rare gem! Settled off-road from through traffic, the space harkens to a time and place of another world. The approach path to the gate gives one their first hint that they are about to enter another realm. I can’t wait to try the different services that are offered! Healing and the best things in life await at Ayurbella.” -Lisa

A Healthy Life Is a Beautiful Life

A·yur (ah-yer) • Bel·la (bel-uh)
äyərˈ means life in Sanskrit, while ‘bɛ means beautiful in French. As you know, the French love to enjoy life and what better way to enjoy it than to live the most healthy life possible!

Sacred Space For Rent

Our studio is a beautiful sacred space space surrounded by alters and an east window.

Rent hourly, daily or on a long-term basis.

Welcome to Ayurbella where we inspire healthy practices for a beautiful life!

Our sacred space is a place often called as home to many in the community, and is known as a special place for healers to gather and center; to share healing arts and inspire growth to the local healing community.

“Ayurbella is a sacred sanctuary that truly takes you into another realm. As soon as you enter the gateway, it is as if magic (just like a Harry Potter portal) has opened up and you feel right at home, safe and cared for. The events that are happening there are spiritually inspiring & also so needed for community to uplift and harmonize body/mind/soul. Thank you Wiesje for being such an amazing host for this space… I look forward to joining more offerings and sending over more friends your way! Blessings!”                                                                                                                                 ~Jasmin

We encourage you to try something new. You may have been missing out on the answer all along!

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