Welcome to Ayurbella!

Welcome to Ayurbella; We inspire healthy practices for a beautiful life.

Our studio holds community gatherings and sacred practices of healing traditions guided by many local and nationally acclaimed healers. We encouraging you to embrace your purpose, live it and share it with others in the effort to find your own personal freedom. Our purpose is to offer teachers and seekers a local resource for sacred practice and self healing.
Our healing community is known as a special place for healers to gather and center; to share healing arts and inspire growth to the community.

“Ayurbella is a sacred sanctuary that truly takes you into another realm. As soon as you enter the gateway, it is as if magic (just like a Harry Potter portal) has opened up and you feel right at home, safe and cared for. The events that are happening there are spiritually inspiring & also so needed for community to uplift and harmonize body/mind/soul. Thank you Wiesje for being such an amazing host for this space… I look forward to joining more offerings and sending over more friends your way! Blessings!” ~Jasmin

Ancient studies have long been sought after and much has been confused, or hidden due to misunderstood cultural differences. Unfortunately a long history has proven that such healing arts wisdoms and practices have been mis-used for arbitration or manipulation.
Our Philosophy is finding the commonality, and allowing the differences to co-exist. Learning from each other allows us to understand, relate, and not fear the unknown, and most importantly to not fear each other.
We encourage you to try something new, you may have been missing out on the answer all along!

“I attended a moon circle when I first got here. I felt so warmly welcomed by Devi Wiesje and everyone in the circle. She really sets an intention to support women on their journey and it is palpable. I felt comfortable being me, there. The experience was a pleasant fusion of going within in, looking at what was up for us, sharing it, reflecting on it, combined with movement, laughter, aromatherapy, chocolate, and connection. The experience was nurturing on many levels. Devi carries deep wisdom and deep compassion. I am so happy to have met her and found her studio. She is also deeply supportive of women on their journey both personal and in business. I love the Vedic readings! Ayurbella is worth the experience.”


“My daughter and I attended Ayurbella’s Open House event last Friday where we were given a tour of of the spa and the meditation/classroom areas as well as a brief description of some of the many classes and services offered there. The atmosphere was very welcoming. I’d say both calming & rejuvenating and I’m fairly certain that each of my senses was given deliberate attention! The spas owner Wiesje spent time to get to know each of us which made the evening feel less like an Open House and much more like a Ladies night with friends.”