Release Fear and Connect to Pleasure

What women are saying:
“Putting emotions and sensations into words is difficult for me in describing my experience at Release Fear and Connect yoga with Sophia. I had expectations of what I thought would come up, however, what my body indicated was very different from what I thought. This is a true testament of what Sophia says about women tuning into our bodies. My body knows what I need and paying attention to those needs only helps me grow as a woman, as a human. Thank you.” – Lani W.
“Coming out of an abusive marriage and being isolated and estranged from everyone I knew, and then connecting with other local women through presence and loving touch during Sophia’s class, was so revitalizing for me! Loved the interactions and the soft feminine essence of sisterhood. Broke down in tears from experiencing yoga touch. Such sweet release! Thank you Sophia for an amazing time!” – Liebe S.

What We’ll Do
Did you know fear and trauma become trapped in the body? The best way to release fear that is holding you back from joy and fulfilling relationships is through movement and breath. I will guide you gently in this unique yoga class using physical postures, breath, and visualization to help your body release tension, burdens, and fears. You will leave feeling lighter, freer, and full of insight into how to move forward in your life. You will connect deeply with your body and get out of your head (yay)! When you consciously release fear, you make room for what you want – love, joy, and pleasure.I’ve been offering this yoga to private clients for years and I am honored to offer this to groups now. The results and benefit to women have been profound. Think of it as a monthly cleanse for your emotions, body, and spiritual self.

Class size is limited to 12. Every 3rd Sunday of the month, 10-12am. Advanced registration is REQUIRED. $25
@ Ayurbella, Vancouver WA
Register at
What to Bring
Journal, pen, and water bottle

Important to Know
Please be on time.

Upcoming Dates:
MAR 18
Sun 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
APR 15
Sun 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
MAY 20
Sun 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sun 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
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Lessons from the Leprechaun Kingdom

On this Saint Patrick’s Day we have a very special event to celebrate the occasion!

Connect with the magic of the leprechauns!

The Leprechauns are teachers of true abundance and manifestation! Leprechauns also are guardians of the earth!

In this practice Angel-Fairy Healer Andrea Dombecki offers her famous guided meditation in manifesting your truest abundance.  You will learn manifesting and abundance tools, how to live in harmony with Self and universal truths. In this meditation you may also meet your leprechaun guides if you are willing! 


A special St Patrick’s day event!
March 17th 3-4:30pm PST
at Ayurbella!
5102 Plomondon St, Vancouver, Washington 98661

Class Tuition $20
Taught by Andrea Dombecki from

Enter the Fairy Kingdom Spring Event

Celebrate the first day of Spring with the fairies!!!

It’s a magical time of year to embrace Spring in a fun and blissful way! Spend a day with the fairies! Celebrate with us just like the fairies do! Dress like a fairy, meditate like a fairy, and play like a fairy making fairy wands.

Our very own Fairy Human Ambassador, Andrea Dombecki will be available to sign books and oracle cards. Celebrate the release of her new book Fairy Human Ambassador. Andrea will have her fairy oracle deck and coloring books for sale! There will also be a fairy art show on display of some of Andrea’s fairy paintings.

Andrea is a fairy intuitive, artist and author who’s life’s work is to help others connect with the fairy realm!  You can find out more about her at


What To Expect

*Enjoy making fairy staffs to harness your fairy healing powers and honor your fairy self!  Supplies are included to make your branch staff – glitter, crystals, flowers, beads, ribbon, rhinestones, paints etc to decorate your staffs..

*Blessed Fairy Crown created by Andrea

*Sacred Energy of The Fae – connect with and learn about the types of fairies and how the fairies are working in your life!

*Explore Fairy Spirituality- our sacred relationship with plants, animals and Mother Earth.

*Fairy Gallery Readings – You will receive a mini personal fairy reading from Andrea in front of the class group to let each of you know how the fairies are working with you and what fairies are around you. We will also be looking at our fairy lineage and how the fairies work with our life purpose!

*Fairy Guided Journey – to assist you in awakening to the fairy realm and fairy sight.

*Group Fairy Energy Healing, Fairy Lecture, Exercises and Lessons designed to awaken your fairy connection!!!

*Fairy Dance – We will have Fairy costumes (wings and crowns) that you can wear and a little fairy dance to embrace the joy of the fairy kingdom.


Date & Time: Saturday, March 24 at 12 PM – 4 PM PST
Cost: $65   Class size is limited to 6 spots only. You must pre-register online to reserve your spot. You can secure your space here: Ticket 
Bring: Journal. *We will have some snacks, and you are always welcome to bring something to share.


Angel Healing Circle

Angel Healing Circle is guided by Author Andrea Dombecki

This circle is an invitation to receive angelic healing and guidance by Angel Fairy healer Andrea Dombecki. She is a local healer of the Pacific Northwest, a New York native. Talented in all mediums of art, design, and various forms of energy healing.



During this group we will take sacred time to connect with Self and your Angels for stress relief and problem solving, and to deeply connect with your Angels to bring in blessings into our lives.



  • Group Angel Meditation
  • Angel Energy Healing
  • Angel Prayers
  • Group reading


Special Topics Include:
– Prayer Healing
– Faith through life changes
– Working with Mother Mary and the angels to bring peace to difficult relationships





Angel Fairy Healing: Services, Self Study, Online Classes

Fairylandra Studio:  Books, Card, Decks, Art

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iTunes Store: Angel Life Makeover

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Podcast: Download Audio Meditations

Women Ready to Release Fear and Connect to Pleasure


Release Fear and Connect to Pleasure is back for your personal pleasure!

Yes, it’s that time again! It’s your time to get out of your head and be ready to release fear and connect to your pleasure!

It’s no surprise that last month’s session was a fabulous success! It was the first class and it was immensely powerful. Those ready to allow yourself to be in your pleasure, your joy of life, and feel the inner wisdom of your pure passion will allow yourself to benefit in releasing what no longer serves you. The results will surprise you but oh so worth it. Just let go, free yourself from the old tapes in your head that hold you back. Allow yourself be be present in your body, and let your body wisdom guide you into the wild reaches of your desires.



It can be said that most women have experienced some sort of trauma in their life whether verbal or otherwise, and all women experience varying degrees of FEAR that hold us back personally and as a society from living the life we dream of and quite frankly deserve! Who doesn’t want the life full of joy and pleasure, a life of ease and wonder rather than fear?!



Sophia creates a loving, nurturing, and safe environment to feel free, to be you, and you will undoubtably develop self awareness, and very possibly receive profound insight into how to move forward in you current journey.  If you let her she will guide you “to end your suffering and it begins with reconnecting with your body and allowing the body to release trauma and fear. Fear and trauma are trapped in the body and you cannot think your way out of it despite being taught that that is the only way. The way toward pleasure is through the body (the FEMININE). When you gently and safely release trauma and fear, you leave room to FEEL pleasure because when you feel good you create and give from a full cup. Pleasure replaces anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.”    with love and pleasure,
Sophia, Radical Pleasurist

In this unique exercise women are able to experience in a courageously vulnerable, and personal way to release fear, tension, grief, shame, deep underlying blocks, unwanted emotions, and to connect to deep inner wisdoms and intuition in gentle extended yoga poses, breathwork, visualization, and meditation. After this 2 hour group session women leave feeling excited, energized, free, light, joyful and more bonded to sisters around them.



Looking to experience this in a more private setting? Sophia also offers private 1 on 1 sessions that have proven to get the results needed to move you forward in your truest self.


Please Be Advised

Please bring your journal. There will be time to journal, process, and Q&A.

Space is limited to 12 women so you MUST register in advance. NO WALK-INs.
To hold your spot you must purchase your ticket of $25 at



Sophia Treyger, Radical Pleasurist & Intimacy Coach, teaches women how to shift from Pleaser to Pleasure so that they are empowered sexually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She guides women toward self-pleasure first followed by pleasure within intimate relationships. She takes you through deep transformation using unique body-centered coaching and intimate community with women. Women leave her programs feeling profound joy, pleasure, excitement about life and a complete reprogramming of decades of oppressive conditioning. From playing with Sophia, for the first time ever in their lives, women learn to trust and know themselves deeply and they develop strong boundaries with everyone in their lives.

She is founder of The Intimate Sisterhood, the Radical Pleasure Sisterhood, Women’s Intimacy Soirée, and her signature Radical Pleasure Program. See more at


Sacred Goddess in Service

Be In Service

Sacred Full Moon in Virgo is the Goddess and Temple of service, while also finding a way to nurture karmic enemies or rivals, and debts involved with business. It’s one of the money houses in your chart. The 6th house is one of growth and free will. It is also an Artha house, meaning it is a house of attainable resources of wealth and prosperity. The number 6 represents a contract that you have with the Universe, your offering to the world.

Virgo’s Motto: is to “analyze” they are the thinkers of practical details.
Element: Earth
Virgo’s Qualities

  • doers
  • laborer
  • warrior
  • servant
  • analytical
  • practical
  • hardworking
  • worrisome
  • kind
  • shyThese are just a few qualities of Virgo and may not pertain to you specifically, your chart has many facets of you.

In this practice we recognize and appreciate our service to community and to ourself. Discover who rules your 6th house in Vedic astrology and what that means for you. Our practice will include our traditional music and dance session, your discoveries of your services to humanity, sharing your practice with your sacred sisters, maybe a few practical shares, a meditation to center in the right frame of mind which I encourage you to continue in your personal practice.  *Please email your birth information at least a week in advance, date, time, and place, county is also preferred.
Read more about this particular sacred circle…

Date & Time: Friday, March 2 at 6 PM – 8 PM
Bring: Please bring your journal, coin scarf/skirt, and business cards.
Cost: by donation. RSVP is required. Event usually fills up a week before event.

Tarot Basics and Meditation

Please join us for a Saturday afternoon of singing bowls, meditation and Tarot discussion. No experience necessary. Bring a deck if you have one, but extras will be available.

Hi everyone!   I’m Ann and I’m super excited to be offering this workshop with Wiesje!  We’ll begin with a meditation inspired by Master Choa’s Meditation on Twin Hearts, which he created to energize and empower healers practicing Pranic Healing. As Tarot can also be used as a healing modality, I feel that this is a great way to begin a discussion of Tarot. We’ll focus on the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Rider-Waite deck and learn how we can understand the whole deck without memorizing the meanings of all 78 cards.

Date & Time: Saturday, February 24th at 2 PM – 4 PM

Cost: $20 per person please.

Location: Ayurbella is easy to reach from Portland.

Free parking in the parking lot, and street parking as well.






Twin Flame Heart Activation Sound Healing Journey

In the month of February we are in the midst of Valentine’s sacred circles. Yes, that’s right all through the month! So if you missed the deadline of romanic connections on the 14th your still have the weekend after to make it right!

Join Andrea and Wiesje for a blissful heart healing event this February in honor of Valentine ’s Day. Sample our Rose Quartz Gem Essence. 

Andrea Dombecki will be guiding us on an inner journey of the heart. We will be activating the sacred energies of the twin flame universal frequencies– which are the highest frequencies of love accessible to us. We will also be connecting with the pink crystalline heart of creation. During meditation we will travel deep into the mysteries of love, and how it is at the core of all creation. We will be doing deep heart healing and karmic healing to restore our hearts to innocence and openness. We will be working with the pink energies of self-love, romance, bliss and oneness.

Wiesje Barnes will be playing the crystal singing bowls and other instruments to increase the healing with the sacred vibration of sound. Sound vibration had been known to communicate with the cellular structure of our makeup. To stimulate what has been crystalized and bring us back to balance with subtle higher consciousness. A blissful dance of sound with seven crystal bowls attuned to the vibrations of the seven main chakras for deeper relaxation and restorative infusion.  *Some detox may occur after this experience. Be gentle with yourself for a few days and drink plenty of water.

Date & Time: Saturday March 17th 3-5:30pm
Cost is $25
You can register here:​-p99847191

Couples Acupressure Class

Although we have had many couples join our community circles, most of our circles are women only so this event is very special in that we want to encourage nurturing between couples. This class is all together a unique collaboration of healthy communication with  acupressure between your partner. The sensual part of this session is really what you bring to your partner in session. Being present, being fully aware of how he/she is feeling, how you are feeling, and most importantly engaging with your partners responses. This divine connection will inspire a deep closeness that you can take with you and continue to nurture.


Is This Class Right For Me:

Have you ever wanted to give your partner the gift of a unique massage but have been unsure of what to do / would be pleasurable for them? This is the perfect opportunity using the tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine and conscious communication.

In this unique class we guide couples through a complete acupressure session designed to facilitate a relaxed, self aware and intimate connection. Essential oils are also used on acupressure points to activate our innate energy and create synergy. Mutual activation of acupuncture points soothes the nervous system while stoking vitality and desire.

Sensuality and the ability to receive pleasure builds from a place of creating trust with touch: we explore communication around our own preferences and voice them to create a consensual and open space.

What You Can Expect:

Please wear comfortable clothing and layers. A tank top underneath and looser pants that roll up to the knees are best.

Candles and soft lighting will create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Couples are encouraged to stay aware and engaged with the class instructors at all times.

Clothes will remain on and sexual intimacy is not appropriate during this class.

A handout with body diagrams will be given to all participants so that you can take home what you have learned and incorporate massage into your home practice if you like. Bring a journal and pen if you would like to take notes and/or record your experience.

Although we would like to offer space for singles, this class is meant for mutual and consensual touch between two people.

Friends are welcome to join the class as a couple, but there must be a consensual agreement to touch.

All genders welcome!

Important: Please arrive 15 minutes early at 6:45pm to get set up and comfortable. We will start promptly at 7pm.

Purchase Your Ticket Now

Please reserve your spot now by prepaying for this class as we only have room for 12 couples available. Cost is $45 per couple. 

Croning Moon Ceremony

Once In A Blue Moon

On this sacred Leo full moon is a blue moon, created by two moons in one month cycle. This special rarity is the perfect evening to offer the community a croning ceremony, a sacred honoring to the wise women who inspire us by following their inner wisdoms to live out their passions. If you feel led in the path of living your purpose in your fullest potential then you are living in your wisdom. This is the crone way.

If this event speaks to you we encourage you to join us, whether it be to receive the crowning attunement of the crone or to observe this sacred practice. We look forward to your presence.

The third aspect of the ancient Triple Goddess is the Crone. To aspire to be a Crone is to want the psychological and spiritual growth she symbolizes. The Crone is an inner potential that we grow into becoming.


Come join us in celebrating and honoring those of us who are experiencing that shift in our lives to wisdom, life lessons and good hearts. If you feel ready, please plan on participating in a Crone Crowning ceremony during our gathering. If you are not to that point yet, please come celebrate the Blue Moon in its fullness and learn! If we have time we will also speak to the Imbolc holiday just days away.

Bring your journal, an instrument and coins scarf if you have one.

Hosted by Gypsy Lorraine (Lori)

By generous donation
RSVP required



for private sessions, mentorship and classes visit Lori at…