This Full Moon Ceremony will tap into your youthful energy and empower your new beginnings!

What to expect:

– Lori and Cole will sage you in Ceremony with blessings of sacred circle.
– Clear your mind as you choose an oracle card to inspire your evening.
-Beltain Tradition will be on topic.
– As well as Scorpio Moon to enhances your psychic abilities.
– Dance with Lion Breathe to open your senses and free your inner wild soul!
– A Sacred Goddesses Toast Ceremony to Hebe.
– Nurturing loving prayers and wishes to each other.
– Meditation ~ tapping into our youthfulness to inspire your new beginnings
– Journaling about your youthful energy and your new beginnings

When: April 29th, 2018
Time: 6PM-8PM
Hosted by: Cole and Lori
Fee: Ceremony is by donation

Cole”s herbal products will be on sale.

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