This unique Sound Bath incorporates lightwork of my Signature Energy Healing intensified with additional sound combinations to move you through your blocks and into your next reality.

Sound healing can transform your physical, emotional and spiritual experience. Coupled sounds create a dynamic of healing for mind-body-spirit.

Energy healing practices that are often incorporated in to this meditation:
– Guided Meditation
– Sacred Ritual
– Planetary Energy Support
– Intuitive Guidance
– Angelic Support
– Spiritual Guidance
– Prayer
– Singing Bowls
– Tuning Forks
– Ayurveda
– Shamanic
– Usui Reiki
– Marma Therapy
​- Kundalini
– Chakra Balance

Warning: although this practice is gentle it can be intense for some. The detox may be physical as well as emotional and spiritual. If you are a smoker or recovering addict, or suffer from mental illness know that this meditation may cause various range purging.


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