​​Immerse yourself in a healing gong meditation with Transformational Sound Artist Viola Rose. This Vancouver OR. event includes a brief explanation of sound healing, guided ​relaxation, and an hour-long sound immersion featuring​ gongs, and also including handpans, crystal & Tibetan singing bowls,

didgereedoo, chimes​ and more​. The experience is a psycho-acoustic gateway to raise one’s vibratory frequency, reach higher states of awareness, and recognize endless possibilities within. The beauty of the Gong is its tremendous potential for healing and rejuvenation. Because the gong covers the full spectrum of sound, it vibrates all the cells, bones and organs.​

The gong is a sacred and ancient instrument of healing and transformation. When played therapeutically, It brings about an intense sense of well-being and ease. After a gong meditation some people report feeling a sense of connectedness, deep relaxation and stress reduction. Others experience feelings of energy, revitalisation and renewed optimism.

​Large high quality gongs have such a huge range of tones, overtones and harmonics, that when played well, they literally bathe every cell of the recipient in sound, and help to bring the person back into a state of harmony and wellbeing. They also work on the subtle energy body, clearing blockages and old stagnant energy, so that the recipient can move forward freely.
In a seated or reclining position, you will experience powerful waves of sound as they wash over and

around you. Please bring whatever you need to ​sit or ​lie comfortably on the floor (​folding chair, backjack, ​yoga mats, blankets and pillows) and be prepared for an extraordinary experience​.​

*The cost for this event is $20 in advance and space is limited to 18 participants. The cost will be $25 at the door if there are any spaces left.. I will update this event page when the event sells out. Please reserve your spot now by purchasing your ticket right here on facebook or on eventbrite here:

Important: Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get set up and comfortable. We will start promptly at 7:30pm.

More enthusiastic geekery about the magic of the Gong:

A gong bath is your chance to relax, put your phone and tablet down, and be in the present moment.
We spend so much time in our thoughts we rarely pause to notice how we feel.
This is your time to stop being busy and invest in relaxation. Life is busy and sometimes we thrive on it. However, being able to give yourself time to relax regularly is good for your parasympathetic nervous system and can help you to relax and heal: to feel whole again. So, it’s not actually very good for us to be on the alert all the time, ​and a gongbath is a easy and blissful form of self care.​ We will have this event on a Friday evening, after the work week is over, to re-set for the weekend.

The sound of the gong helps the body and brain to relax by going into Delta and Theta brain wave states. Delta brain waves are experienced in a deep dreamless sleep and in very deep meditation. Theta brain waves occur when we dream and we experience vivid imagery, intuition and information beyond normal conscious awareness. These brain waves are know to support relaxation, creativity and natural healing.

The vibration of a gong creates an ocean of sound that activates the parasympathetic nervous system to balance the over-amped, over-taxed sympathetic nervous system. It stimulates a higher functioning of the glandular system. The pituitary gland seems directly affected by its sound which

in turn causes the whole glandular system to become balanced.

And the beauty of a gong bath is that you don’t have to do anything other than lie down on comfy mats with a pillow and blanket over you, close your eyes and just listen to the sound of the gongs wash over you. ​It can best be described as a sound massage for the mind and body and is one of the easiest and most soothing ways to achieve a state of meditation. In this place of deep rest, all systems within the mind, body and nervous system can repair and rejuvenate. Within 20 mins or so your brainwaves lower and your body relaxes. Your body will do what it needs, from sleeping, healing and transforming .

Regular gong meditation is particularly good for :
-healing anxiety and depression
-improving sleep patterns
-reducing inflammation and improving circulation
-enhancing the recovery of physical injuries
-creating deep states of inner peace and relaxation
–improving circulation.

Most people “come back” from their gongbath journey feeling refreshed, de-stressed and rejuvenated. Some physical aches and pains may have disappeared. Emotions are calmer, and people generally feel more in control of things, and often have been “given” solutions to problems that have been worrying them. People usually feel tingly and as though the gong sound is still working on them, which of course it is – the effect is generally ongoing for several days or even weeks. The gong sounds clear away any energetic debris from the subtle energy body and leave people feeling clear, light and re-energised. Re-tuned, in fact, as their whole system has been powerfully vibrated and brought back into a state of harmony​.

Viola Rose is a Transformational Sound Artist and has been involved in music and healing and combining the two together as sound-healing for 16 years. She has a deep love for the healing ability of Sound to heal the heart. you can visit Viola’s website DreamTheNewDream.com for more info

Parking is free and plenty in the back of the complex. Ayurbella studio is downstairs through the garden.

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