A true testament to the joy experienced here at Ayurbella.



“Great healing space with an abundance of knowledge and support. Vedic Astrology is amazing and accurate, ground, center, relax, energize, self reflect and find direction all in the same…

Mother & Daughter


“My daughter and I attended Ayurbella’s Open House event last Friday where we were given a tour of of the spa and the meditation/classroom areas as well as a brief description of some of the many classes and services offered there. The atmosphere was very…


“Ayurbella is a rare gem! Settled off-road from traffic, the space harkens to a time and place of another world. The approach path to the gate gives one their first hint that they are about to enter another realm. I can’t wait to try the different services…


“Ayurbella is a sacred sanctuary that truly takes you into another realm. As soon as you enter the gateway, it is as if magic (just like a Harry Potter portal) has opened up and you feel right at home, safe and cared for. The events that are happening there are…


”I attended a moon circle when I first got here. I felt so warmly welcomed by Devi Wiesje and everyone in the circle. She really sets an intention to support women on their journey and it is palpable. I felt comfortable being me, there. The experience was a pleasant fusion of going within in, looking at what was up for us, sharing it, reflecting on it, combined with movement, laughter, aromatherapy, chocolate, and connection. The experience was nurturing on many levels. Devi carries deep wisdom and deep compassion. I am so happy to have met her and found her studio. She is also deeply supportive of women on their journey both personal and in business. I love the Vedic readings! Ayurbella is worth the experience.”


Our Mission

Ayurbella is your home away from home. A sacred space to practice and gain inspiration with others. 





Meet Our Teachers

We are spiritual yogi’s and yogini’s who have a lifetime of solitary practice and study. We offer our wisdom to community to provide you with guidance for your own journey. Meet some of our team. We often have guest facilitators each month too.

Wiesje Brion, Owner of Ayurbella and Temple Facilitator

Clifton Barnes, Owner and Spiritual Teacher

Andrea Dombecki, Creative Director Enery Healer and Teacher

Sweet Gypsy Lorraine, Our Mother Crone

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