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Full Moon Women's Circle


Full Moon Women's Circle fm2018


welcome to our Full Moon gatherings. Each month we gather in sacred circle as sisters to help each other unfold into our truest selves in this very moment. To be seen, to nurture, and to receive nurturing. Our job as women has always been to evolve the environments around us. Now is time to Just Simply BE. We allow ourselves to release what has been holding us down collectively and individually by being in the presence of our own holiness without expectation of performance of any kind. We get to play, dance, shout, sing, be still, be seen, be touches, be loved, to give and receive in a way that only feels right in this very moment. Its your time . to surrender, to feel deep in devotion, and embrace the flow of your personal evolution. You are what is needed in the world, let time stand still for just a moment while you recharge under the grace of the full moon.

this sacred ceremony is by donation. bring only what feels right to your soul in this moment.

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