On this Saint Patrick’s Day we have a very special event to celebrate the occasion!

Connect with the magic of the leprechauns!

The Leprechauns are teachers of true abundance and manifestation! Leprechauns also are guardians of the earth!

In this practice Angel-Fairy Healer Andrea Dombecki offers her famous guided meditation in manifesting your truest abundance.  You will learn manifesting and abundance tools, how to live in harmony with Self and universal truths. In this meditation you may also meet your leprechaun guides if you are willing! 


A special St Patrick’s day event!
March 17th 3-4:30pm PST
at Ayurbella!
5102 Plomondon St, Vancouver, Washington 98661

Class Tuition $20
Taught by Andrea Dombecki from www.angelfairyhealing.com

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