Are you feeling like your healthy lifestyle is missing something?

Yoga and Ayurvedic nutrition have their roots in the Vedas and when appropriately prescribed have proven to be accurate in balancing ones homeostasis for preventative care. In Vedic tradition it is customary to begin your day with a morning cleansing routine beginning just before sunrise and end just before sunset. This workshop will help you support the natural rhythms of daily detox that your body is already so good at. We want to work with and not against nature.
Some of what you’ll discover is a nourishing awakening routine that encourages the use of the cycle of energy through-out the day. Including good sleep habits. These habits are constitutionaly based on your dosha.

What to expect:
• Take a dosha test to determine your mind and body constitution.
• Workbook
• Homecare Products kit
• Qualities of The Five Elements
• Doshas
• Detailed AM and PM routine
• Organ healthy tips
• Appropriate Nutrition for You
• Breathing Techniques to balance mood and energy
• Best Yoga tips for You
• Step-by-step on how to use the products to begin your practice properly
• Bonus package for early bird registration

includes all of the above and more

– How To sheets
– Massage oil
– Nasya nostril oil
– Neti pot
– Aromatic Neti
– Herbs for you Dosha
– Tongue Pulling kit
– Copper or Silver Tongue Scraper
– Copper or Silver cup
– Body Brush
– Rose water

*Bonus (for Early Bird Registration)
Complete your mind-body type with your Spirit Type!
– Tips on how to balance the core being within you

– Vedic Marma Ring to massage your organs for healthy organ support

***Pre-registration is required for this workshop as your kit is included.
Online Registration:
Dinacharya Workshop fee: $199/person
This Workshop includes step-by-step practice, the workbook and products. Bring a notebook for note taking.

About Devi Wiesje
Wiesje Brion has bean practicing Ayurveda for over 10 years and has been teaching this class for over 7 years. She is a dedicated advocate of ancient practices and has an immense passion for sharing the ways of the Vedic teachings. She began her studies of Ayurveda as a Naturopathic trained aesthetician at the Euro Institute of Skincare and continued on to take her practitioner studies of Ayurveda and Panchakarma at The San Diego College of Yoga & Ayurveda, while taking courses with renowned Doctor and director of The Ayurvedic Institute, Dr Vasant Lad and his team. During this time she made great friends with some of the instructors and was taken under their wing for more studies into herbal remedies and skincare, and would find her love of Jyotisha; Vedic Astrology which opened a world of knowledge that is so abundant and comprehensive that she now teachings at Ayurbella. She has more certifications than she can count and is in process of her yoga program. She continues to study and practice this ever dynamic lifestyle of Ayurveda and Yoga.

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