Shadow Movement Meditation Series

Celebrate and honor your body in this sacred ritual of dance. Bring your journal for deep reflection into your introverted self after a Shadow Dance where you will meet your shadow sister. As we connect with your Shadow Self we make way for the connection to Higher Self.

Discover the shadow goddess Kali during sacred circle. She is the the force within that clears the path to your dark shadow self. Allowing acceptance of the deeper darker self.

When we honor oneness within ourselves and lose the idea of parts of our self it becomes clear that we are able to move forward with a new found inner strength and support. Higher Self has no fear in expressing and yet sacredly honors those around her. How does she do this? With the balance and flow of yin and yang. Explore more.

*Please bring an offering for Kali Ma

Register Online: PayPal.Me/Ayurbella/25
or Pay at the door: $35
April 27th, 2018 6PM-7:30PM
join us 10 minutes before to get settled.
Park in parking in parking lot or on Plomondon Street

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