About Us

Welcome to Ayurbella; We inspire healthy practices for a beautiful life.

Our studio holds community gatherings and sacred practices of healing traditions guided by local women. Visit our Boutique & Spa upstairs for rejuvenating care.

Ayurbella is known as a special place for healers to gather and center; inspiring growth to the community. Our healing community is a private meetup location for local healers to share in their healing art.

We encouraging you to embrace your purpose, live it and share it with others in the effort to find your own personal freedom. Our purpose is to offer teachers and seekers a local resource for sacred practice and self healing.
Our Mission is to to inspire local healers to live out their passions, support them in their development to inspired others with their unique wisdoms. We invite you to create with us in this safe space; a sacred space to explore, discover, learn, and practice the ancient arts of our ancestors. To be gentle with our neighbors and to pay forward the LOVE our fore-mothers wished for us!

Ancient studies have long been sought after and much has been confused, or hidden due to misunderstood cultural differences. Unfortunately a long history has proven that such healing arts wisdoms and practices have been mis-used for arbitration or manipulation.
Our Philosophy is finding the commonality, and allowing the differences to co-exist. Learning from each other allows us to understand, relate, and not fear the unknown, and most importantly to not fear each other.
The science of God realization within. Yoga is closely translated to the word union. The path of yoga is discipline. Practice encourages a closeness with our Highest Self, an awakening to God. Ask yourself “What is your God realization?” “What muses your inner most spiritual core?” Everything that we do as a life being is within this practice. Take seasonal examination of where you are and where you’d like to be for wellbeing in spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, personal, and in business. Spiritual practice when in ascetic discipline creates holistic control of our own wellbeing. Science is one with nature. With focus on self care we can obtain complete healing and relaxation; preventative health care to our own makeup. With practices such as breath control, body postures, vibrational sound healing, meditation, mama therapy and seasonal care. We offer fun ways to implement these practices during our ceremonies of wheel of the year, goddess medicine, women’s sacred red tent, new moon manifestation, as well as in our teachings of astrology, numerology, naturopathic and Ayurvedic rejuvenation.


We invite local passionate healers and practitioners to share in their knowledge with the community of various cultural practices as well as open our space up to those who are inspired from within to share. Our only wish is that you share the good of the culture, as the negatives can become slanderous and invite negative energy. Sharing is caring!